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VIC is green technology for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems

VIC cold water buffer store tanks Series A5

A concept is successful! It was 25 years ago when the first cold water buffer store tanks, developed according to our system, was installed in the cold water circulation of air-conditioning equipment. The system developed by us is based on our theoretical design considerations, and on our practical experience gained in industrial refrigeration.
Meanwhile, more than 4000 cold water buffer store tanks have been installed worldwide by our customers.
Unfortunately, a concept cannot be patented because then it would not be possible that products are bought by users and sold by providers without possessing the corresponding background from the sectors involving refrigeration systems, hydraulics and control. This occurs in case of a product that influences the service life and cost-effectiveness of a refrigerating machine, which itself can cost several € 100,000.

On the one hand, we at VIC are proud that our system has in the meantime been copied repeatedly, because this shows that our concepts have been adopted.

Nevertheless, the correct integration, as well as the calculation of the cold water buffer store tanks, has as prerequisite engineering knowledge which involves the entire system. Only by considering all factors of the hydraulics, the control and the refrigerating machine, can a trouble-free system be designed.
For this purpose, advisory support will be provided by our engineering team which, based on our cooperation with all refrigerating machine manufacturers and plant builders of repute, is continuously extending its knowledge, and thus can integrate its innovative knowledge as early as in the planning stage. The experience gained from thousands of installed systems nationally and internationally enables the continuous development of our system.
Today there are only a few air-conditioning equipment in which a VIC cold water buffer store tanks has not been installed.

We wish to plan and build innovative systems with you and our motto still applies in this case: Quality in order-related manufacture, the most favorable price structuring and the fastest delivery times.

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General technical data - cold water buffer store tanks Series A5
Material / Volume
Carbon steel, stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4571
500 - 50.000
Working pressure
6, 10, 16
External corrosion protection
Priming for vinyl caoutchouc insulation
2 x
Internal corrosion protection
< 50
Flanged connections
Variable in accordance with VIC layout diagram
Vinyl caoutchouc
13, 16, 19, 25, 32
Alum. sheet metal jacket and zinc-coated