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VIC is green technology for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems


VIC is an innovative trading house, founded in 1985, with its own manufacturing plants nationally and internationally. As early as in 1987, VIC S.R.L was founded in Brixen as the first company-owned manufacturing plant abroad. Due to the high demand for our products, the works in Verona, in Buttrio (Udine) and in Maribor (Slovenia) were established in the years following

In case of the products produced and marketed by VIC, they are superior-quality components for refrigeration, air-conditioning and heating technology.

Business partners of VIC have been using our products with success for decades worldwide, to the satisfaction of their customers.

As well as the specific customer support usually provided regarding the employment of VIC products, considering ecological as well as economic aspects, our priority business goals are as follows:

To supply products which are required customer-specific and equipment-specific, and to do this with the relevant quality in case of

  • manufacturing to order
  • the most favorable price structuring
  • with the fastest delivery time.

All products are subject to continuous quality control. The delivery program of VIC, which is continuously extended, includes the following (among other things)

All deliveries of VIC are implemented on the basis of our respective general terms of delivery and payment from our dispatch facilities in Germany.