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VIC is green technology for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating systems

VIC Lining modules MOD series

In case of the VIC lining module MOD series, it involves lining housings for cold water buffer accumulator and hot water accumulators

The VIC lining modules are produced with or without pump module, and are constructed for the external installation of cold water and hot water accumulators.

In detail, the modules consist of a galvanized steel base frame, on which a frame of alum. profile sections is structured.

As lining, double-walled and single-walled lining of sheet steel, inside galvanized and outside painted, or plastic-coated, or galvanized inside and outside. The hollow spaces between inside and outside plate are foamed with PU foam.

By means of quick-release locks, side and front lining panels are detachable, where rear, cover and floor lining panels are fixed assembled.

The accumulator modules for cold water buffer accumulator, which are receptacles for containers only, can be extended by means of pump modules for the reception of the system pumps and the refrigerating machine pumps.

General technical data - lining modules MOD series
Base frame material
Steel zinc-coated, stainless steel 1.4301, 1.4571
Module frame material
Panels external
Alum., galvanized steel, painted or plastic coating
Panels internal
Alum., zinc-coated steel
Vinyl caoutchouc (cold water) and mineral wool (hot water)